Preserve Fidelity When Sharing A Document in Word

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Many times, we create Word documents with different fonts that we have installed on our PC. What happens though when we want to share these documents with others that do not have the same fonts installed on their PC? The result is that, maybe the people that receive these documents, may not make sense of it when they open it and read it. This minor problem though can be solved very easily. Before we share documents with fonts that others may not have, we have to embed all the fonts right in the document. All we have to do is to follow the steps below.

First, we must select the File tab in order to move to backstage view as shown in the image below. Once in backstage view, we select the category Options from the left of the menu.

File Options

Once we select the category Options the Windows Options dialog box appears as we can see below. From the left of the Windows Options dialog box, we select the category Save. In the category Save we can customize how our document will be saved.

Word Options

Once we select the category Save, we scroll down until we locate the area which is named:

Preserve Fidelity When Sharing This Document: At the right, we can select the drop down menu, where we can define for which document we want to preserve the fidelity. We can preserve the fidelity either for the Current Document or for All New Documents.

Preserve Fidelity

All we have to do in this area is to activate the check box which is located at the left of the command Embed Fonts In The File. Once finished we just press the OK button on the Word Options dialog box, and that is it. Right away Word automatically puts a list of all the necessary fonts together and embeds them right within the document. Now we can share the document with others, without any surprises.

Below you can check out the video describing the feature Preserve Fidelity When Sharing This Document in Word.

Preserve Fidelity When Sharting A Document in Word 13

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