Working With Templates in Office 2010

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Templates are a special type of a document, where text, character, paragraph style and page formatting have been saved. All we have to do is to replace the text in the appropriate place holders. We create a Template the same way we create a document, but the difference is that we save it in a different way. This means that when we use it, we are not using the original Template but a copy of it. Templates are also available in Excel, Access and PowerPoint.

Below I will describe how we can create a New Document based on a Template available in Word 2010. The same procedure is followed with the other applications.

We select the File tab in order to move to backstage view and from the drop down menu that appears we select the command New as we can see in the image below.


At the right and the top part of the menu and under the area named Available Templates we have the following options:

  • Blank Document:

By selecting this command a New Blank Document based on the Normal.dotx template is created. This means that we create a new blank document that has predefined type of font, predefined margins and so on.


  • Blog Post:

By selecting this command, a document is created where we can type in our text that we want to publish to a Blog Post.


The first time that we will select this command the Register A Blog Account window appears as shown in the image below.


If we select the Register Now button, the New Blog Account window will appear where we have to adjust all the parameters in order to publish our posts successfully.  As we can see in the image below, even the ribbon has been adjusted in order to publish our post.


  • Recent Templates:


By selecting the Recent Templates command, all the recent templates that we have used will appear below as shown in the image below.


  • Sample Templates:


By selecting the Sample Templates, some representative samples of templates appear which we can use as shown in the image below.


  • My Templates:


By selecting the My Templates command the New window appears where we can create a new document based on same of the available templates that appear as we can see below.


  • New From Existing:


By selecting the command New From Existing, the New From Existing Document window appears, where we must navigate in order to locate the document that we want to base our new document.


At the bottom of the drop down menu New and in the area named Templates we can see all the available categories of templates on the Microsoft Web site.


Every category of templates at the Microsoft Web site contains different subcategories. All we have to do is to select the appropriate one for us. In the image below I have selected the category Stationary and then I have selected the Holiday Stationery. By selecting the template we can also preview it at the right of the screen.


The preview shows us how it will appear in our document. It also notifies us of the Provider, the size of the file, and even what ratings it has. Once we have decided which template we want to use, below the preview area of the template is the Download button as we can see below.


By selecting the Download button, the Downloading Template window appears notifying us of the process of downloading the template.


Once it is completed it appears in a new document ready for editing as we can see in the image below.


When we use a template, we are not using the actual template, but a copy of it. The original template remains intact whatever change we make on it. 

Below you can check out the video, on how to create a Template in Word 2010.

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