Collapse And Expand A Document In Word 13

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Usually when we have long documents it becomes really hard to manage it, especially when we are working with a small part of it. Now with Word 13, we are able to Collapse and Expand a document in order to just view the parts that we need. In order to do this we must follow the steps described below.

First of all we must check out that we are in Print Layout view. In order to do that we must select the View tab and from the area of the ribbon named Views we must select the command Print Layout as shown in the image below.

View - Print Layout

The next step is that we must format the parts of the titles of the document into Headings, such as Heading 1, Heading 2 and so on. In order to do that we must select the Home tab, then place our cursor in front of the text that we want to be a heading or select it as shown in the image below.

Home tab

Then from the area of the ribbon named Styles we select one of the built-in styles Headings. Straight away the text has changed into the selected Heading as we can see in the image below.

Apply Heading

Below I have changed into a Heading a different part of the document as we can see below.

Apply Heading

Once we have turned it into Headings the parts of the document that we want, we notice a small disclosure triangle in front of the Headings as shown below. All we have to do is to right click on the triangle and the text will be collapsed. The paragraph is hidden and the only thing that remains visible is the Heading.


Once the text followed beneath the Heading is collapsed as shown below the disclosure triangle changes direction.

Expand Heading

If we want the paragraph to be visible again we just click the disclosure triangle again and the text will be visible again.

Expand Headings

With this way working with long documents becomes very easy to navigate through it, in order to edit them and work through them.

Below you can check out the video showing how to Collapse and Expand parts of our documents in Word 13.

Collapse and Expand a Document in Word 13

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