Define Words in Word 13

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Define: Verb

“To Say Or Explain What The Meaning Of A Word Or Phrase Is, To Describe Or Show The State Accurately”

Synonyms: Explain, Expound, Interpret, Elucidate, Explicate, Describe, Clarify;

You are not sure what a word means? You are not sure which word do use in your document? Do you need help with the words pronunciation; This is where Word’s Define command comes in. All we have to do is to follow the steps below:

The procedure is very simple, all we have to do is to right click on the word that we want to Define. Once the shortcut menu appears, from the drop down list we select the Define command as shown in the image below.

Shortcut Menu - Define


Another way to use the Define function is to have our cursor in the word that we want to Define, and then we select the Tab Review and from the area of the ribbon at the left named Proofing we select the command Define as shown in the image below.

Review - Proofing - Define

Whichever way we use, the task pane at the right appears as shown in the image below. This task pane uses as default the Bing Dictionary for word definitions. Right underneath in the Search Box area we notice the word that we have chosen in order to find its definition.

Right below the word is in bold and at the left is a little speaker, which if we press we will hear the word been pronounced.

Under the area Definitions, we view the different definitions of the selected word. For the posts example the word Extraordinary we have the following definitions:

  • “Very Unusual And Surprising”
  • “Done In Addition To The Normal Activities Or Costs Of An Organization”

Right below and at the right of the definitions we notice the SEE MORE link.

Bing Dictionary

If we press the SEE MORE link, we are offered with many more definitions of the selected word. We also have the THESAURUS area, with different interpretations of the selected word and we also have Sample Sentences at the below of the task pane.


If we scroll down in the task pane we see the Sample Sentences with the selected word highlighted in an orange font. At the end of each sentence we also have a little speaker which if we press the whole phrase will be pronounced. Below we have more pages to view if we select the different page numbers.

Right below we have the Phrases area, where we have different examples of Phrases using the selected word.


At the bottom of the Definitions task pane we have the Did You Mean? area, which it suggests different variations of the word that we were looking for its Definition.

Did You Mean?

In the image below, I have pressed a different page number in order to view different Sample Sentences. We can always press the top left Back button in the task pane in order to move to the previous page.

Sample Sentences

In order to use the Define function in Word, is that we need to have a connection to Internet, otherwise the Bing Dictionary will not be able to show any results.

Not Available

Below you can check out the video describing the steps in order to use the Define command in Word 13.

Define Words In Word 13

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