Change the Default Font in Word

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Are your bored of the Default Font in Word, such as Calibri (Body), of the Font Size and many other pre-default formatting in Word?  Do you want to change the default font into something else in order to give the document your personal touch? Just follow the steps below:

On the Home tab we locate the Font area as shown in the image below. Then we select the arrow which is located at the bottom right corner of the Font area.

Home  - Font Area

Once it is selected the Font dialog box appears as shown below. In this window we do all the adjustments we want in order for our Default Font to have. We can change the Font, the Font Style, the Font Size, Font Color and many more adjustments as shown in the image. For this posts example I have selected the following formatting:

  • Font: 28 Days Later
  • Font Style: Bold
  • Size: 16
  • Font Color: Orange, Accent 2, Dark 50%

At the bottom and middle of the Font dialog box we have a Preview of what our arrangements will look like.

Font Formatting

Once we have done all the arrangements that we want and we are happy with the results, we locate and press the Set As Default button which is located at the bottom left corner of the Font dialog box, as shown below.


Once we press the Set As Default button, an informational Microsoft Word dialog box appears mentioning the following:

Do You Want To Set The Default Font To: “Our Customization”

  • This Document Only?
  • All Documents Based On The Normal.dotm Template?

If we select This Document Only, whatever customizations that we have done will be applied only for the current document.

If we select All Documents Based On The Normal.dotm Template, all the customizations that we have made will be the default Font for all our future documents.

Set Default Font

Once we select what we want to do, we just press the OK button and that is it. All our settings have been applied.

Below you can also check out the video describing the steps in order to Change The Default Font in Word.

Change The Default Font In Word

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