New Object Layout Options in Word 13

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In all previous versions of Word, the procedure of placing an object in our document was a little bit frustrating. We all have probably used the Wrap Text function in order to place and adjust the object with our text. Now, in Word 13, a simple click on the object reveals everything that is needed with the Layout Options on the top right of the object.

Once the objected is selected by simply clicking on it, the Layout Options icon appears at the top right of the object as shown below.

Layout Options

If we click on the Layout Options icon, all the available commands will appear as shown below.

Layout Options

We can place the object:

In Line with Text

With Text Wrapping

  • Square
  • Tight
  • Through
  • Top And Bottom
  • Behind Text
  • In Front Of Text

The following two commands are activated once we select on the Text Wrappings:

Layout Options

  • Move with Text: Allows our object to move on the page as text is added or deleted.
  • Fix Position on Page: Keeps our object in the same place on the page as text is added or deleted.
  • See More:

Once we select the See More command, the Layout dialog appears with many more options to use for our object.

The Layout dialog box has three tabs available to use, which are the following as shown in the images below:


Layout - Position

Text Wrapping

Layout - Text Wrapping


Layout - Size

All we have to do is to make the adjustments that we want and then press the OK button. Another way of using these commands and many more is by right clicking on the image and from the shortcut menu that appears to select the appropriate commands.

Shortcut Menu

Now with the Layout Options available in Word 13, we don’t have to get lost by using the commands on the ribbon. One click is all we need to do.

You can also check out the video below showing the new object Layout Options in Word 13.

Object Placements in Word 13

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