How To Insert Online Pictures in Word 2013

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Not so many pictures in Clip Art, or we don’t have the appropriate images saved on our computer for use in Office?

Not to worry about it anymore, because with the New Office we can Insert Online Pictures in our documents, spreadsheets, presentations and even messages.


As we all know, to insert a picture in a Word document we must select the Insert tab, and then navigate to the area of the ribbon named Illustrations. In the new version of Word, in this area now, is the command Online Pictures where once selected the Insert Pictures window appears as shown above:

Here we have four options to select from, which are the following:

  • Clip Art (Royalty-free photos and Illustrations:

In the search pane area at the right of the window we type in the keyword of the image we are searching for. In the example below I have type the word “Snow”, and once the word is typed we press the Enter button for the search to begin. In a few seconds the results of the keyword are displayed. Navigating on top of each window we can see a description of the image at the right of it and at the bottom left corner of the window.


We can press on the magnification tool to enlarge the image if we want to, as shown in the image below. Once we have decided which image we want to use we double click on it or use the Insert buttonn at the bottom right area of the window. The image will be inserted immediately in our document. If we are not satisfied with the images and we want to search through another site, we just select the command Back To Sites which is located at the top left corner of the window.


  • Bing Image Search (Search the web): We use the same procedure with the Bing Image Search engine as we can see below.


  • My SkyDrive Account: In the image below I have used my SkyDrive account, where we just browse throuhgout our folders and then select the image that we want to use following the same procedure. If we are not connected to our SkyDrive account we will be prompted to logon.


  • Also Insert From:

By selecting the two colourful dots at the bottom left corner of the Insert Pictures window we can connect our Microsoft account with our Flickr account by following the instructions. Once connected we can insert images from our Flickr account.


The Insert Pictures Online command is also available for Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote and Outlook.

Below you can check out the video describing how to Insert Online Pictres in the new Word application.

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