Change The Look For All Documents In Word 13

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When we create new documents in Word, we always use the predefined Font, Color, Effects, Paragraph Spacing and etc. What happens though when want to change all these predefined settings with just a few steps in order to give our new documents a different and more personal looκ? Just follow the steps below:

First of all we must select the Design tab and then we locate the area of the ribbon named Document Formatting as shown in the image below. At the right of this area we have the following options described below in order to change the look of how our new documents will look from now on.

Design Tab

By selecting the Colors command the drop down menu appears with all the available combinations of colors. Here we can select a color in order to use in our documents. The colors that we will select will be available in the color picker along with any theme colors. This way our document will look perfectly coordinated.


If we select the Fonts command the drop down menu will appear with all the available Fonts that we have installed in our computer. Here we can select a Font to use for all our new documents by just selecting it. In order for it to work we must format our text by using the Body and Heading Font, and then we can quickly change the text font at once.


By selecting the Paragraph Spacing command the drop down menu appears with all the available line and paragraph spacing available. By using this command we can change the spacing of our entire document. The spacing available are the following:

  • Default
  • No Paragraph Space
  • Compact
  • Tight
  • Open
  • Relaxed
  • Double
  • Custom Paragraph Spacing: We can specify our own paragraph spacing.

Paragraph Spacing

By select the Effects command the drop down menu appears with all the available effects. Here we can select one, which will change the general look of the objects in our document. Each effect, applies different visual effects on the objects.


Once we have finished using all the available options we press on the Set As Default command. By pressing the Set As Default command, we save our current settings, so that the next time that we create a blank document, it will be formatted the way we like it.

Set As Default

Once the command is selected a Microsoft Word informational dialog box appears asking us if we want the settings to by applied. We then either select the Yes or No button as shown in the image below.

Set The Current Style Set

Below you can check out the video describing how to use a particular set of Themes, Fonts, Colors, Effects and Paragraph Spacing as our default for all new blank documents in Word 13.

Change The Look Of All Documents in Word 13

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