Security – Unblock An Office 2013 File

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In a previous post of mine I mentioned about the Protected View in Office 2010. Now with Office 2013 and Windows 8 things are much more secure.

First of all let’s refresh our memory about Protected View. Protected View appears when we download files from the Internet, or when we open attachments from Outlook basically.

When we open a file either that came from the Internet or an attachment from Outlook, a Security Warning line appears below the ribbon which notifies us that Be Careful-Files From The Internet Can Contain Viruses. Unless you need to edit, it’s safer to stay in Protected View as shown in the image below. If we are sure about the file we can press the Enable Content button in order to edit and view the file.

Protected View

Now with Windows 8 if we have downloaded a file from Internet or saved an attachment from Outlook that was sent to us and we are certain about its safety, we can disable the Protected View straight away from the desktop.

All we have to do is to locate it, right click on it and from the shortcut menu that appears we must select the command Properties as shown in the image below.



Once the command Properties is selected, the Properties dialog box appears as we can see in the image below. All we have to do is to make sure the General tab is selected and from the bottom right corner next to the Security area we press the Unlock button as shown below. We notice also the description mentioning that This File Came From Another Computer And Might Be Blocked To Help Protect This Computer.

Security - Unblock

Once the Unlock button is pressed it disappears and if we open the file the Security Warning will not appear anymore.

General Tab

The same procedure stands if we do the same with a Word 2013 file as we can see below.

Word Properties

The same procedure stands if we do the same with a PowerPoint 2013 file as we can see below.

PowerPoint Properties

In my next post I will describe further details about Protected View in Excel 2013, such as forcing a file to open in Normal View and some other details about Trust Center.

Below you can check out the video about how to Unblock a Office 2013 file from your desktop.

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