Archive Folder in Microsoft Outlook

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A new feature in Outlook is included where we can send Messages to the Archive Folder. Once we move one or more messages to our Archive Folder, it doesn’t mean that we are deleting them, we just store them there in order to find them easier and quicker. What are the benefits though of moving Items to the Archive Folder;

  • It is easier to find Items that we have Archived or by the Search box.
  • The Items in the Archive Folder are still available on our Phone or other Devices.

Archive Folder in Outlook

Just keep on reading below, to find out How to Move Items to our Archive Folder.

We fist must select the Item, and then from the Home tab we locate the area of the Ribbon named Delete as shown in the image below.

Home Tab - Delete Area

Once we have done, what I have described above we press the Archive button as we can see in the image. By using this command, we will move the Message (Item) in our Archive Folder of Outlook.

Archive Command

In the image below, at the left corner of the Outlook Window, we can see the Favorites area. Under this area are located the Inbox Folder, the Sent Items Folder, the Deleted Items Folder, the Drafts Folder and then the Archive Folder. Folders may differ from users to users, depending how everyone organizes their Favorites Folder in Outlook.

Archive Folder

Another way to move a Item in the Archive Folder, is to select once again the Item and then do a right click on it. Once we do the right click, the shortcut menu appears with all the available commands. Then we select the command Move from the shortcut menu, and from the submenu we select the command Archive as shown in the image below.

Shortcut Menu - Move - Archive

What we should do, for us to keep our Inbox clean of Messages we should use the Archive Folder for messages that we have already answered or acted on.  We always have the choice to delete the Messages or to Move them to Folders if we want to.

Below you can check out the video describing the procedure of How To Move E-Mail Messages in the Archive Folder in Outlook.

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