Shared File Activity command in Microsoft Word 365

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Who, What, Where and When changes were made in our Document?

Say that we want to collaborate on a Document with our colleagues, and we want to see if it has been Shared, Edited, Renamed or Restored? Once we have stored our document online, with the Shared File Activity feature available in Microsoft Word 365 we can see each other’s changes soon as they happen. Just continue reading to learn more about this new feature.

File Recent Activity in  Microsoft Word 365

First of all we must open a Document that is saved on a Online Storage place such as OneDrive. In the image below I have used the Open command and from the drop down menu that appeared and under the Open area I have selected my Personal OneDrive account to open a Document.

Open - OneDrive

In the image below, we can see the Document that I have opened and which is stored on my OneDrive Personal Account.

OneDrive Document

Once we have opened any Online Document, at the top right corner of our Microsoft Word application we notice the Share command and right next to it, we notice the Activity icon, which looks like a Clock. If we hover over the icon with our mouse, the Screen Tip will appear mentioning the following:

Activity: See What’s Going On In This Document

File Activity

Once we press on the Activity command, the Activity Task Pane will appear at the right of our screen as shown below. In this Activity Task Pane, we can see When and What changes have been made to this document and from Who also.

File Activity

In the next image, we can see the Date of the Activity which for this example is the 23rd of May, 2017. We can also see who made changes to the Document and which for this example is Philippos Panagiotidis. Then we can see the actual Time that the changes occurred, and finally at two of the Activity Log Files, we can actually use the Open Version command to open the file in order to view the changes.

File Activity

Below you can check out the video describing the File Activity command in Microsoft Word.

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