Display Options For Worksheet in Excel

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As mentioned in the previous post of mine Display Options for Workbooks in Excel, the same thing might happen when we are working in a Worksheet. Elements might be missing, or the elements that we are not used to, might appear. Elements such as, Column and Row Headings, Formulas might appear in Cells instead of the calculated result, Page Breaks might appear and many more. What do we do? Everything is explained in the post described below.

Display Options for Worksheet

First, we must select the Workbook that is needed and then move to the desired Worksheet. Then we must select the File tab in order to move to Backstage View. Once in Backstage View, from the drop down menu that appears from the left, we must select the category Options as shown in the image below.

Excel - Info - Options

Once we select the Options command, the Excel Options dialog box appears, where from the left of the window we must locate and select the category Advanced as we can see in the image below.

Excel Options - Advanced

Once the Advanced category is selected, we must navigate with the scroll bar which is located at the right of the dialog box in order to find the area in the Excel Options window which mentions the following as shown in the image below:

Display Options For This Worksheet:

If we select the drop down menu at the right of this area, we can select for which Worksheet the adjustments will take place as shown in the image below.

For This Worksheet

Under this area we have available the following commands in order to activate or to deactivate, depending how we want our Workbook to be displayed.

  • Show Row And Column Headers: The Row and Column Headers will be or not be displayed in our Worksheet
  • Show Formulas In Cells Instead Of Their Calculated Results: The Formulas will be displayed in the Cell instead of the result
  • Show Sheet Right-To-Left: The sheet will be displayed from Right to Left
  • Show Page Breaks: The Page Breaks will be displayed in our Worksheet
  • Show A Zero In Cells That Have Zero Value: Zero will be displayed in a Cell that has zero value
  • Show Outline Symbols If An Outline Is Applied: When we summarize or do subtotals for data, Outline Symbols are displayed at the left of the Worksheet area. If we do not need these symbols we deactivate this command.
  • Show Gridlines: The Gridlines around the cells will be displayed in our Worksheet
  •      Gridline Color: We can select the Color of the Gridlines in order to be displayed

Display Options Worksheet

Once we have done all the adjustments needed for our Worksheet, we must select the OK button which is located at the bottom right corner of the Excel Options window in order for them to take place.

You can check out the video below, which describes the Display Options for Worksheet in Excel.

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