Indexing in Outlook 365

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Sometimes, when we use the Search operation in Outlook, we might come out with blank results. This probably means that Outlook might not be able to check its data files for Indexing. In Outlook 2016 though, we have an easy way to analyze if the Mailbox is indexed or not.   All you need to do is to continue reading below.

Indexing Options in Outlook

We must select the File tab in order to move to Backstage View, and then from the left and from the drop down menu we select the category Options as shown in the image below.

File - Options

Once we select the Options command, the Outlook Options dialog box appears, where from the left we must select the Search category as shown below.

Outlook Options - Search

Once we select the Search category, we will be able to Change How Items Are Searched With Instant Search. We must then locate the Sources area, where right below this area we can see the command:

Change The Outlook Stores Indexed By Windows Search.

At the right of this command we must select the command Indexing Options as shown in the image below.

Indexing Options

Once selected, the Indexing Options dialog box appears as shown below, where we can notice the following:

  • How many items are indexed
  • That Indexing is Complete
  • Index These Locations

In this pane we can see the Included Locations and which ones to Exclude. In the Indexed Locations window, we can check if the Outlook data file is being indexed, along with all the other locations.

Indexing Options

At the bottom left corner of the Indexing Options dialog box, we have the Modify button where one selected the Indexed Locations dialog box appears. This dialog box is separated in two areas which are the following:

  • Change Selected Locations
  • Summary Of Selected Locations

Modifey - Indexing Locations

At the bottom and in the middle of the Indexing Options dialog box we have the Advanced button, where once we select it, the Advanced Option dialog box appears as shown in the image below. This dialog box is separated by two tabs which are the following:

First tab is named Index Settings:

File Settings: We can activate or deactivate the following check boxes.

  • Index Encrypted Files
  • Treat Similar Words With Diacritics As Different Words


Delete And Rebuild Index (we press the Rebuild button located at the right)

If we Rebuild the Index it might make the Search feature to work properly.

Index Location:

We can see the Current Location of the Index.

We can type in a new location in the text box under the area named:

New Location, After Service Is Restarted,

or we can select a new location by selecting the Select New button.

Advanced - Index Settings

Second tab is named File Types:

On this tab we can see the Extensions of the Files among with the Filter Description.

At the bottom of the window we can choose How Should This File Be Indexed? just in case we have selected a File from the list.

  • Index Properties Only
  • Index Properties And File Contents

We can also Add a New Extension To the List if we want to, command which is located at the bottom of the dialog box.

Advanced - File Types

Whatever adjustments we make, in any dialog box, we must select the Ok button at the end in order for them to take place.

Below you can check out the video describing Indexing in Outlook 365.

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