Read Aloud in Microsoft Word 365

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In one of my first posts I had described the Text to Speech command in Microsoft Office 2010. Well, now we have Microsoft Office 365 and the feature is named Read Aloud. The feature is much more improved, and its goal is to help people with dyslexia. While we use this feature, it reads aloud the text and it makes it easier for us to spot and correct mistakes. It also helps people who just want to proof read a Document. Just continue reading in order to find out the Read Aloud feature in Microsoft Office 365.

Read Aloud Englsh

First, we must select the Review tab and from the area of the ribbon named Speech, we select the command Read Aloud as shown in the image below. Once the command Read Aloud is selected the parts that our document is Read Aloud will be highlighted and pronounced.

Review - Speech

Once selected, at the right of our Word Document, we can see the Read Aloud Control Player. The commands in order are the following:

  • Previous
  • Play
  • Next
  • Settings
  • Close

Read Aloud Player

In the next image, I have selected the Settings button from the Read Aloud Media Control, where from the drop-down menu that appears we can either increase or decrease the Volume of the voice, and we can also change the Voice of the person that spells out our Document. We can either select from Microsoft David Desktop (Male Voice) or Microsoft Zira Desktop (Female Voice).

Reading Speed

In the following image, we can see that from the Review tab, I have selected the command Read Aloud. We notice also that the Read Aloud Media Options has appeared at the right, and our text is being highlighted while it is spelled out.

Speech Read Aloud

Below you can check out the video describing the Read Aloud feature in Microsoft Word 365.

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