Set Translation Language in Microsoft Word 365

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As mentioned in a previous post of mine about the Microsoft Online Translator, that it provides support for multilingual documents, that it can also insert translations back into the document with the formatting and the fidelity preserved. We can also look up translations for selected words, phrases, and other document sections. The Source language is usually detected automatically. If we though, want to define the Source and the To language so it can be translated, you must continue reading the post below.

Set Translation Language in Microsoft Word

We must select the Review tab, and locate the area of the ribbon named Language as shown below.

Review - Language Area

Once the Language area is located, we select the Translate command as shown below, where we have the three following commands available and which are the following:

  • Translate Selection: Where we Translate the selection with the Microsoft Translator.
  • Translate Document: Where we create a translated copy of our document with Microsoft Translator.

The above commands I have described in a previous post of mine which you can find here:

Microsoft Online Translator in Microsoft Word 365.

Review - Set Translation Language

Set Document Translation Language

Once we select the Set Document Translation Language command, the Translator task pane appears at the right of the screen as shown below.

In this task pane we can see the From and the To commands available.

Translator Pane - From - To

From: which by default is Auto-detect. It detects automatically the Language that we have already typed in our Document. If we want to change the From language, we select the arrow at the right of the command. Once selected the drop-down menu appears where we can select the Language that is needed for us.

Translator Pane - Autodetect

To: The same procedure stands for the To: command. We just select the arrow at the right of the command, where the drop-down menu appears and we select the Language that we want our Document to be translated To.

Translator To:

Below you can check out the video describing How To Set The Translation Language in Microsoft Word 365.

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