Share Our Calendar with Other People in Outlook

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In a previous post of mine, I mentioned how we can E-Mail our Calendar in Outlook for us to share information with our colleagues, friends, etc. Another method that we can choose is that we can use the Share command in Outlook. Sharing a Calendar is more controlling, because it allows us to invite people within our organization to see our Calendar. When we share a Calendar, we can also specify how much detail the recipients can see or modify. just continue reading in order to find out how to Share A Calendar in Outlook.

Share Our Calendar with Other People in Outlook 365

First, we must select the Calendar that we want to share and then we must select the Home tab of the Calendar screen, and then from the right area of the ribbon we must locate the area Share as shown below.

Calendar Share in Outlook

Once we have located the Share area of the ribbon, we select the command Share Calendar as shown in the image below, where we will be able to Share This Calendar With Other People.

Share Calendar in Outlook

Once we select the Share Calendar command, a New Mail Message is created, as we can see below. In this Email, we can see all the information that has been filled in automatically. We notice that the Subject Line is filled in. We also have available the following commands:

  • Request Permission To View Recipient’s Calendar
  • Allow Recipient To View Your Calendar

All we need to do is to activate or deactivate the check boxes that are located at the right of the commands.

We also have the Details area where, once we select the drop-down menu we can select among the following:

  • Availability Only: By using this permission, only shows whether we are Free, Busy, or Tentative.
  • Limited Details: By using this permission, it shows the meetings we have scheduled and the Subject of the Meeting.
  • Full Details: By using this permission, it shows the scheduled meetings, the Subject of the Meeting and any information that might be in the body of the Meetings Invitation.

Sharing Invitation

Once we have checked or done whatever other adjustments need, we just press the Send button in order for us to Share Our Calendar With Other People.

Below you can check out the video describing How To Share Our Calendar in Outlook.

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