How To Publish Calendars in Outlook

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In Outlook 365, we have a feature where we can Publish our Calendar to the Web. By this way, we send someone a link of our Calendar, showing them our free times. By using this feature, it saves us a lot of back and forth, trying to figure out a convenient time that works for the both of us. When we publish an Outlook Calendar as an Internet Calendar, urls are created that we can give to people outside our organization.

How To Publish Calendars in Outlook 365

The benefits of Publishing a Calendar is that we can reach a bigger audience, we can include people outside our organization, and we can let recipients only to view our Calendar and for them not to be able to add or edit events. In order to find out How To Publish Our Calendar in Outlook, just keep on reading.

First of all we must select the Calendar that we want to Publish and then we must select the Home tab of the Calendar screen, and then from the right area of the ribbon we must locate the area Share as shown below.

Calendar Share in Outlook

Once we have located the Share area of the ribbon, we select the command Publish Online as shown in the image below. Once selected the drop-down menu appears, where we have the following two commands available to use and which are the following:

  • Publish This Calendar: Where we can Publish This Calendar For Access By Users On The Internet.
  • Configure This Published Calendar: If we have previously Published our Calendar Online, and we need to make some changes we need to select the Configure Publishing Options command. The two commands that appear under this command are Stop Publishing and Share This Published Calendar.

Publish Calendar in Outlook

Above I have selected the command Publish This Calendar, where the explorer appears and where we need to log in to Outlook Web App with our credentials to continue Publishing our Calendar.

Outlook Login

Once we are logged in, we select the Calendar that we want to Publish. Afterwards, we must Set our Permissions, where we decide how much people can see when they view our Calendar online. The options that we have with our Permissions are the following:

  • Not Shared: It is activated by default and means that our Calendar isn’t Shared Online.
  • Availability Only: By using this permission, only shows whether we are Free, Busy, or Tentative.
  • Limited Details: By using this permission, it shows the meetings we have scheduled and the Subject of the Meeting.
  • Full Details: By using this permission, it shows the scheduled meetings, the Subject of the Meeting and any information that might be in the body of the Meetings Invitation.

Then we come to the point where we must Save and Share. When we click Save, two links will appear. One of them will be an HTML and the other an ICS link. Which one do we choose?

  • HTML Link: if we just want to send our Calendar to other to see just if we are busy or available.
  • ICS Link: If we want them to subscribe to our Calendar.

That is it. We have Published our Calendar. If we want to make changes to our Settings, we select the command Configure This Published Calendar, where I mentioned above.

Below you can check out the video describing How To Publish Calendars in Outlook 365.

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