Read Aloud feature in Outlook 365

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Tired of reading documents, e-mails; Need a break;

Read Aloud is here!  Available now in Outlook 365. In a previous post of mine I had mentioned about the Read Aloud feature available in Microsoft Word. Well, this feature is now available in Microsoft Outlook 365.

Read Aloud E-Mail in Outlook 365

For us to activate or deactivate the Read Aloud feature in Outlook 365, we must select the File tab and then from Backstage View, we select the category Options from the left of the menu. Once the Options command is selected the Outlook Options dialog box appears as shown in the image below. In the Outlook Options dialog box, we select the category Ease Of Access from the left. In the category Ease Of Access, we can Make Outlook More Accessible. We locate then the area named Applications Display Options, and then either we activate or deactivate the check box at the left of the Show Read Aloud command as shown in the image below. Once we have done the settings needed we press the Ok button in order to return to Outlook.

Ease of Access - Show Read Aloud

Once in Outlook, we select a Message that we want to Read Aloud. Then we place the cursor to the position that we want Outlook to start Reading Aloud. Then from the Home tab and from the area of the ribbon named Speech we select the command Read Aloud as shown below. By selecting this command, we Read Text Out Aloud And Highlight Each Word As It Is Read.

Read Aloud in Outlook 365

In the image below I have selected the Message, I have placed the cursor where I wanted, and then pressed the Read Aloud command. Straight away the Message is being read. We notice Read Aloud Control Player. The commands that are available in the Read Aloud Control Player are the following:

  • Previous
  • Play
  • Next
  • Settings: By selecting this command we can set the speed of the Speech.
  • Close

Read Aloud in Outlook 365

A very handy feature that will help a lot of people and save us alot of time.

Below you can check out the video describing the Read Aloud Text in Microsoft Outlook 365.

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