Turn On The Legacy Wizards In Microsoft Excel 365

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Now in Excel 365, we have the Get & Transform area available, which has been described in an older post of mine. The Get & Transform area of the Data tab on the ribbon is superior in terms of Data Connectors and Transformational capabilities. However though, sometimes we just want to use one of the old wizards to import our data such as the Legacy Wizards.

10. Turn On The Legacy Wizards In Microsoft Excel 365

The Legacy Wizards do not appear in the Get & Transform area now, they are just hidden waiting for us to turn them on. Below you can find out How To Turn On The Legacy Wizards In Microsoft Excel 365.

Get & Transform Get Data

We must select the File tab in order to move to Backstage View. Once in Backstage View, from the left of the drop down menu we select the category Options as shown in the image below.

File - Options

Once we select the Option command, the Excel Options dialog box appears, where from the left once more, we select the category Data. Under this category we can Change Options Related To Data Import And Data Analysis, as shown below.

Excel Options - Data

At the bottom part of the Data area we notice the area mentioning Show Legacy Data Import Wizards. All we need to do is to activate or deactivate the check boxes at the left of the commands that we need, and which will be displayed in Excel. The commands that are available are the following:

  • From Access
  • From Web
  • From Text
  • From SQL
  • From OData Data Feed
  • From XML Data Import
  • From Data Connection Wizard

Once we do all the adjustments that we need, we press the Ok button at the bottom right corner of the Excel Options dialog box, in order for us to return to Excel and for our adjustments to take place.

Data Options in Excel 365

In the image below, I have activated all the Legacy Data Import Wizards, from the Excel Options dialog box, and then from the Data tab and from the left area of the ribbon named Get & Transform Data, we select the Get Data command as shown below and from Now, from the drop-down menu we notice the Legacy Wizards command, with all the available commands that we activated.

Get Data - From Legacy Wizards

Below you can check out the video describing Turn On The Legacy Wizards In Microsoft Excel 365.

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