LinkedIn CV Assistant in Microsoft Word 365

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In a previous post of mine, I mentioned How To Activate LinkedIn Features in Microsoft Office 365 applications. Among other things that the LinkedIn Features are helpful and quite handy and which you will find out in later posts, the most exciting feature for now is the LinkedIn CV Assistant directly through Microsoft Word 365 and which will be described below.

CV Assistant in Microsoft Word 365 helps us create professional CV’s. It shows us examples of how real professionals update their professional fields, how they describe their work experience and their skills. All we need to do is look at their CV’s, get ideas from them and use them in our own Resume.

LinkedIn Resume Assistant in Word 365

We must select the Review tab and from the far right of the ribbon we locate the area named CV and then select the command CV Assistant as shown in the image below. By selecting this command we see suggestions in order for us to update our CV.

Review tab - CV Assistant

Once we select the CV Assistant command, the CV Assistant task pane appears at the right of our screen. We notice that the CV Assistant is powered by LinkedIn, and in order for us to get started we must Add a Role, so we can see examples and we can also add an Industry (which is optional).

CV Assistant in Word

In the image below, in the CV Assistant task pane, I have added a role as Information Technology Specialist and for Industry I have added Computer & Network Security. I then pressed the See Example button in the task pane, and voila the results have appeared.

CV Assistant in Word

At the end of each result, we can press the See More link where more information will be displayed in the CV Assistant task pane. If we are happy or not with the results we can press either Yes or No. We can also Filter Examples By Top Skills, by selecting the corresponding command as shown below.

CV Assistant powered by LinkedIn

In the image below, I have Filtered The Examples by the keyword Windows, and immediately the Results are Filtered by the Keyword I selected.

CV Assistant in Word

In the image below, I have selected the Read More link in order to expand the specific CV I had selected. We also have the option to go back if we want to be selecting the Back link which is located at the top left corner of the CV Assistant task pane.

CV Assistant - Back Command

Finally, we have the option to See Examples on LinkedIn. All we need to do is to select the See Examples on LinkedIn link as shown below, in order for us to get more ideas for our CV.

CV Assistant

In the following image, I selected the See Examples on LinkedIn, and straight away Explorer opens transferring us to the LinkedIn webpage where we can find out more ideas and suggestions, so we can improve our own CV.

LinkedIn Webpage

So now we know, that if we need a professional CV, all we need to do is to open Microsoft Word 365 and use the CV Assistant.  Resume Assistant is available in Word 2016 for Windows and is being rolled out in Word Online. For now, only a few locale and language settings are supported. Unfortunately, the Greek Language is not supported yet.  For non-subscribers to Office 365, this feature is available only in Word Online.

Below you can check out the video describing How To Use The LinkedIn Resume Assistant in Microsoft Word 365.

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