How To Display Names on Presence Flags in Word 365

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When we are co-authoring Documents in real, time, we now can see the Person’s Name on a little Flag in the actual Document. This feature is not activated by default and is available at the newest Versions of Office. For us to turn it on we must follow the procedure described below.

How To Display Names on Presence Flags in Word 365

We must select the File tab in order to move to Backstage View, and then from the left of the drop-down menu we select the category Options as shown below.

File Info

Once we select the category Options from the drop-down menu, the Word Options dialog box appears where from the left we select the category General as shown below. Once the General category is selected, from the middle of the dialog box we scroll at the end of the dialog box, until we locate the area Real Time Collaboration Options as we can see in the image below.

Once we have located the Real Time Collaboration Options area, there is only one command available mentioning the following:

  • Show Names In Presence Flags

All we need to do is to activate the check box at the left of the command, and then press the Ok button so we can return back to our Document.

Real Time Collaboration

Now, since we have uploaded the Document, and when multiple people are editing, we will see who is typing there. Just remember that the presence in Collaboration appears when the screen refreshes, so it may not appear immediately. The best way to know the presence of someone is to click the Save/Refresh button which is located at the top left corner of the Window.

In the image below, the Document is opened Online in OneDrive. At the same time, I am editing the Document in Microsoft Word 365. At the top right corner of the Window, we can see the information the I am Editing the Document. Also, in the top part of the Document, we can see also the information that I am Editing the Document.

Word Online

In the image below, the same Document is opened in Microsoft Word 365 desktop application, and at the top right corner of the Window we can see the letter G, which means Guest: Sharing Live Edits, and where the cursor is placed in our Document, we can see where the Guest is actual Editing or has already Edited.

Guest Flag

That is it. Real Time Collaboration. You Know Who, What and Where someone is Editing an Online Document in Microsoft Word.

Below you can check out the video describing how to activate the features Show Flags on Names in Microsoft Word.

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