Update Document Content While Dragging in Microsoft Word 365

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Sometimes when we are working in a Microsoft Word Document, we notice our content that keeps changing places when we move an object around in the Document. Why does this happen though? Well it is a setting that is available for us in Microsoft Word. All we must do is to activate or deactivate this command if we find it annoying. By activating it, Word will update the Document’s Content when we drag an object with text wrapping, in real time. This way it will be easier for us to see how, when we move an object the affect that it will have in the structure of our Document. To find out, how this is done just keep on reading the post below.

Update Document Content While Dragging

First, we must select the File command, so we can move into Backstage View. Once in Backstage View, from the drop-down menu at the left we select the category Options as shown below.

Backstage View - Info

Once we select the category Options, the Word Options dialog box appears as we can see in the image below, where we make sure that the General command is activated from the left of the dialog box. Then under General Options for Working with Word, we locate the area named User Interface Options as shown below.

User Interface Options

Under the User Interface Options, we activate the check box which is located at the left of the command Update Document Content While Dragging. By activating this command, we are now able to Show How The Document Content Will Look As Objects Are Moved, Resized or Rotated.

Update Document

Once we have done the settings needed, we press the Ok button which is located at the bottom right corner of the Microsoft Word Options dialog box in order for us to return to our Document and for the settings to take place. This way we can actual see in real time what happens to our Document when we move an object around in it.

Below you can check out the video describing How to Update Document Content while dragging an Object in Microsoft Word 365.

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