What is the Kerning Feature in Microsoft Word?

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Kerning in Microsoft Word! I bet most of us doesn’t know what Kerning means or does! Well, Kerning is a feature in Microsoft Word, where it adjusts the space between two individual letters for a better visual look. Say that when we are designing a Document, each Typeface font requires its own specific Kerning. This feature is very important and necessary when we are designing in a Word Document with large Fonts. In order to use this feature just keep on reading this post below.

What Is Kerning in Microsoft Word 365

On the Home tab in Microsoft Word, at the bottom right corner of the Font area we locate the arrow, where if we hover on top we can see the Informational Dialog box as shown below. If we select the arrow, the Font dialog box will appear.

Font Area in Word

As shown below the Font dialog box has appeared, where it contains two tabs. The Font tab and the Advanced tab. For this post we must select the Advanced tab.

Font Dialog Box - Advanced

In the image below, we can see that I have activated the Advanced tab. The Advanced tab is separated by three areas. The Character Spacing, the OpenType Features and the Preview area.

Advanced tab

Under the Character Spacing area, we locate the command that mentions Kerning For Fonts. We activate the check box at the left of the command as shown below. Then at the left of the command we can increase or decrease the Points And Above. Once we have done the adjustments needed, we press the Ok button which is located at the bottom right corner of the dialog box to return to our Document and for the adjustments to take place.

Kerning For Fonts

By default, the Kerning feature is not activated, which means that most of the time we don’t need it. But when we want to increase the width between the letters of our Document for any reason that we might have, this feature will become valuable.

Below you can check out the video describing the Kerning Feature in Microsoft Word 365.

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