How To Hide Cell or Cells in Plain Sight in Excel

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Sometimes when we work in an Excel Spreadsheet, we want some data to be hidden for our own reasons. Sometimes we hide Columns, sometimes we hide Rows, sometimes we hide Sheets. What happens when we want to hide individual Cells in our Spreadsheet? In order to find out, just keep on reading the post below.

How To Hide Cells in Plain Sight in Excel 365

We must select the area of Cells in our Spreadsheet that we want to hide. Once we select the area of the Cells, we do a right click with our mouse, where the shortcut menu appears as shown in the image below. From the shortcut menu, we locate the command Format Cells and then select it.

Shortcut Menu - Format Cells

Once we select the Format Cells command, the Format Cells dialog box appears as shown. In this dialog box, we make sure the Number tab is selected, and we locate and select the Category Custom.

Format Cells Dialog Box

Then in the middle of the Format Cells dialog box, we locate the area named Type:, and in the text pane below we type in three Semicolons (;;;) as shown in the image below. Once we have finished typing we press the Ok, button in order for the command to take place and to return in our Spreadsheet.

Format Cells - Category - Custom -Type

Now in our Spreadsheet, if we select the Cell or the area of Cells that we selected above, we can not see the actual contents of them. In the Formula Bar, as shown in the image below, we can see the actual content.

Hidden Cells

That is it. We have hidden with a simple command, the content of the Cells in our Excel Spreadsheet.

Below you can check out the video describing How To Hide Cell or Cells in Plain Sight in Excel.

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