What Are The Transparency Options in PowerPoint 365?

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Transparence Definition: noun (See Through)

  • The characteristic of being easy to see through. ​
  • Specialized art a photograph or picture printed on plastic that you can see on a screen by shining a light through it

Transparency in PowerPoint means that we can reveal what is hiding behind an image that we have inserted in our PowerPoint Slide. If you want to find out more about the Transparency Options in PowerPoint 365 just keep on reading the post below.

Transparency Options in PowerPoint 365

Once we select an image in PowerPoint that we have inserted in our Slide, the Picture Tools main tab is activated. The Format tab also appears on the ribbon as shown in the image below. Once the Format tab appears and is activated, we locate the area of the ribbon named Adjust which is at the left area of the ribbon.

Format Picture

In the Adjust area of the ribbon, we locate the command Transparency as shown below, where we can Adjust The Transparency Of The Picture To Allow What Is Behind It To Be Seen.

Adjust Area - Transparency

Once we select the arrow at the right of the Transparency command, the drop-down menu will appear, where we have available some predefined Transparency Options available for us to use and which are:

  • Transparency 0%
  • Transparency 15%
  • Transparency 30%
  • Transparency 50%
  • Transparency 65%
  • Transparency 80%
  • Transparency 95%

Transparency Options

At the bottom of the Transparency drop-down menu, and under the predefined Transparency Options is located the command Picture Transparency Options. Once selected the Format Picture Task Pane appears at the right with the Picture Transparency category activated as shown in the image below. Here we have more precise Transparency Options to choose from and to apply to our Picture in our PowerPoint Slide.

Format Picture Task Pane - Transparency Options

The same Transparency Options are the same for Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Outlook.

Below you can check out the video describing the Transparency Options Available in PowerPoint 365.

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