How To Open Other Users Folder in Outlook?

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In Outlook, we can manage another person’s Mail and Calendar Items also. There are two ways to work with another person’s Outlook Folders: One way is by Sharing Folders and the other way is to entrust someone to act on your behalf. By sharing a Folder, we let other people to access one or more Folders. This doesn’t mean though, that a person who can access your Folder that can’t reply to Email Messages or respond to meeting requests for you. For this feature to work we must have Outlook for Office 365 for business or another Exchange based Account. If you want to find out How To Open an Other User’s Folder in Outlook, just keep on reading the post below.

How To Open Other User's Folder in Outlook 365

We must select the File tab, so that we can move in Backstage View. Once in Backstage View, from the drop-down menu that appears from the left we select the category Open & Export.

Open and Export Command

Once we select the Open & Export category from the drop-down menu, under the category Open from the middle of the task pane, we select the command Open Other’s Folder, where we are notified that we can Open A Folder Shared By Another User as shown in the image below.

Other Users Folder Command

Once the command is selected, the Open Other User’s Folder dialog box appears as shown below. In this area we can select the Name of the person that we want to Open the Folder, and right below we can select the Folder Type that we need to open, and which are the following: Calendar, Contacts, Inbox, Journal, Notes and Tasks.

Open Other Users Folder

For the post, I have selected as Folder Type the Calendar, and then when I pressed the Name command, the Select Name Contacts dialog box appears, where I just select the Name that I want. Once I have selected the Name, I just press the Ok button to finish Opening an Others User’s Folder.

Select Name Dialog Box

In the image below, we can see the two Calendars that have opened side by side. One Calendar is mine and the other is from Chris Spanougakis.

Other User's Folder Opened

That is it. A very simple procedure.  This feature does not include permissions for us to act on others behalf.  For example, a person who can access our Folders, doesn’t mean that they can reply to our email messages or respond to meeting requests from us.

Below you can check out the video describing How to Open an Other User’s Folder In Outlook.

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