How To Transform A Word Document To A Sway Web Page?

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Word lets you easily transform your document into an interactive and easy-to-share Sway web page that looks great on any device. The procedure is quite easy and very quick and the result very efficient. We have a variety of Style thumbnails to pick from, where we also have a preview on how our Document will look like if we Transform it into a Sway Web Page. All you need to do is to continue reading the post below.

Transform A Document To A Webpage in Word 365

We must select the File tab to move to Backstage View, and once there from the drop-down menu from the left and under the Info category, we select the command Transform as shown in the image below.

File - Backstage View - Transform

If we have not enabled the Intelligent Services, the Intelligent Services dialog box will appear as shown below, asking for our permission either to Turn On or Not Now. For the Transform command to work, we must Turn it On.

Turn on Iteligent Services

Once the Transform command is selected, the Transform To Web Page task pane appears at the left of our screen as we can see in the image below, notifying us that we are about to Transform Our Document Into An Interactive Easy-To-Share Microsoft Sway Web Page That Looks Great On Any Device.

Transfomr to WebPage in Word 365

We have to wait for a couple of minutes in order for the Style Options to be available. Once the Styles are ready, from the middle of the Transform To Web Page task pane, is located the Transform button. We notice that underneath the Transform button it shows how we are Signed in and that Anyone With Whom We Share The Link, Will Be Able To View The Content of our Document.

Transfomr to WebPage in Word 365

A few Style Options that are available, are the following:

BolkehV2, Regency, PilarV2, Boutique etc. After the Style that we want to use, we press the Transform button.

Uploading Our Document

Once the Transform button is pressed, we have reached at the final step of the Transform To Web Page task pane. In this step we are notified that our Document Will Be Transformed To A Microsoft Sway Web Page Using Our Personal Account, and that We Can Use A Different Account If We Want To By Clicking On Our Name That Appears At The Upper Right Corner and go to Switch Account. If we do not want to bother about Accounts again, we just activate the check box at the right of the command Don’t Remind Me About Accounts Again. Finally, we press the Transform to complete the procedure or we press the Cancel button to cancel the procedure.

Transform To Web Page

Once we press the Transform button, we are transferred to the Sway web page, where we can view and edit our Transformed Word Document.

Below you can check out the video describing How To Transform A Word Document Into A Web Page.

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