How To Display Subtitles in a Slide Show Presentation?

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Have you ever found yourself in a position where you wanted your words to be presented and displayed on-screen as Captions during a PowerPoint Presentation? Have you ever wanted them to be displayed in the same Language that we are speaking, or for the Subtitles to be translated into another Language? This is where PowerPoint 365 shows up. This feature helps individuals in the audience that may have hearing problems or that are more familiar with another Language. By using this feature, we can change the Position, Size, Color and other Options for the Appearance of the Captions and Subtitles depending on what we need. All you need to do is to continue reading this post to see how this exciting new feature works.

How To Insert Subtitles in A Slide Show PowerPoint Presentation

We must select the Slide Show tab and then from the right area of the ribbon, we locate the area named Captions & Subtitles as shown below.

Slide Show Tab - Captions and Subtitles

In the Captions & Subtitles area, we have the following two commands available and which are the following:

  • Always Use Subtitles: By activating the check box at the left of the command, we will Always Show Live Captions Or Subtitles In Slide Show While Presenting To An Audience, Powered By Microsoft Speech Services.

Captions and Subtitles

  • Subtitle Settings: By selecting this command a drop-down menu will appear where we can Choose The Settings For Live Captions Or Subtitles, Including Language, Microphone, Position, And Style.

In the next image I have selected the command Subtitle Settings, where it is separated by the following Submenus which are the following:

  • Spoken Language: We can select which Language will be Spoken.
  • Subtitle Language: We can select which Language will be displayed as Subtitle.
  • Microphone: We can select which Microphone will be used.

  • Position of Subtitles: We can select the Position of the Subtitles from:
  • Bottom Overlaid
  • Top Overlaid
  • Below Slide
  • Above Slide
  • More Settings (Windows)

Subtitles And Settings

In the next image I have selected the More Settings (Windows) command from the drop-down menu of the Subtitle Settings command, where then the Control Panel of the Windows Settings dialog box appears. The Ease Of Access category appears where the Closed Captions subcategory is activated. In this category we can make many more adjustments concerning the Subtitles.

Ease of Access - Closed Captions

In the next image I have started the Slide Show, and then I have started Narrating. We can see the Subtitles that appear while narrating. The Language of the Spoken Subtitle is English, and the Display Language of the Subtitle is English again, and the Position is at the Top Overlaid.

Closed Captons Examples

An exciting new feature, where many people will be benefited from.. Just keep in mind, that we will need a microphone connected to the device running PowerPoint and an Internet Connection.

Below you can check out the video describing How To Display Subtitles in a Slide Show Presentation.

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