How To Disable Ctrl + Click To Follow Hyperlinks in Microsoft Word?

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Are you tired of using Ctrl + Click to follow a Hyperlink in a Word Document in our Default Browser? Procedure very annoying and time consuming. You wished that with just one click you would be able to open the Hyperlink. This way no more popups telling us what to do. Well it is possible and below I will describe how can it be done.

How To Click or Tap to Open Hyperlinks in Microsoft Word

In the image below, I have moved my mouse over a Hyperlink in a Word Document. Immediately a popup appears notifying me that I have to use Ctrl + Click, To Follow The Link. For one or two Hyperlinks in our Document it is okay to do it. But what happens when we have more Hyperlinks in our Document. The procedure will take long and it will be very annoying using Ctrl + Click repeatedly to follow the Hyperlinks.

Ctrl + Click Hyperlink

We must select the File tab so we can move into Backstage View.

File tab

Once in Backstage View, from left of the drop-down menu we select the category Options as shown in the image below.

Options Category

Once we select the command Options, the Word Options dialog box appears as shown in the image below. In this dialog box, from the left we select the category Advanced, where we will be able to have Advanced Options For Working With Word. Once the Advanced category is selected, we locate the area named Editing Options as shown below. We then can either activate or deactivate the check box located at the left of the command Use CTRL + Click To Follow Hyperlink. Once activated or deactivated, we press the Ok button located at the bottom right corner of the Word Options dialog box for the adjustments to take place.

Word Options - Advanced - Editing Options

Now, we can see in the image below that when we hover over a Hyperlink in our Word Document, all we need to do is to Click Or Tap To Follow the Link.

Click Hyperlink

No more looking for the key Ctrl and Clicking with our mouse to follow a Hyperlink. Just one Click is enough to follow the link.

Below you can check out the video describing How To Disable Ctrl + Click To Follow Hyperlinks in Microsoft Word?

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