Πώς Να Αποστείλετε Μοντέλα 3D Σε Μηνύματα του Outlook;

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How To Send 3D Models in Email Message in Microsoft Outlook?

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Τα Μοντέλα 3D (3D Models) είναι η επόμενη εξέλιξη των σχημάτων

Τώρα στο Microsoft Outlook, μπορούμε να Εισάγουμε Μοντέλα 3D (Insert 3D Models) σε ένα Μήνυμα Ηλεκτρονικού Ταχυδρομείου (Email Message). Η διαδικασία είναι απλή και γρήγορη. Είναι σαν να κάνουμε εισαγωγή μίας απλής εικόνας στο Μήνυμά (Message) μας. Το μόνο «αρνητικό» είναι ότι πρέπει να θυμόμαστε ότι ακόμα και εάν στείλουμε κάποιον ένα Μοντέλο 3D (3D Model) με το Μήνυμα (Message), ο παραλήπτης που θα λάβει το Μήνυμα (Message) δεν θα μπορεί να επεξεργαστεί το Μοντέλο 3D. Το Μοντέλο 3D μετατρέπεται σε απλή εικόνα αφού το στέλνουμε. Εάν ενδιαφέρεστε να μάθετε πώς μπορούμε να αποστείλουμε ένα Μοντέλο 3D με ένα Μήνυμα Ηλεκτρονικού Ταχυδρομείου (Mail Message) απλώς συνεχίστε να διαβάζετε παρακάτω.

Πώς Να Στείλετε Μοντέλα 3D Σε Μήνυμα του Outlook

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How To Send 3D Models in an Email Message in Microsoft Outlook?

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3D – (Three-dimensional) Definition: Descriptive of a region of space that has width, height and depth. 3D Models are the next evolution of shapes.

Now in Microsoft Outlook, we can Insert 3D Models in an Email Message. The procedure is quite simple and easy. It’s just like Inserting an ordinary picture in our Message. The only “bad” thing that we must remember is that even though we send someone a 3D Model in an Email, the recipient once the Message is received, they will not be able to edit it. The 3D Models are converted into pictures once we send them. Just keep on reading the post below.

How To Send 3D Models in Microsoft Outlook

First, we must create a New Email Message, and fill in all the necessary details and then activate the Body of the Message, where we want the 3D Model to be inserted. Then we select the Insert tab and locate the area of the ribbon named Illustrations as shown in the image below. Once the Illustrations area is located, we select the command 3D Models. Once selected the drop-down menu appears where we can choose to select a 3D Model either From A File or From Online Sources.

How To Send 3D Models in Outlook

In the image below, I have selected to Insert a 3D Model from Online Sources. Once selected, the Online 3D Models dialog box appears where the 3D Models are separated in different categories. For this post in the next image I have selected the category Vintage Cartoon.

How To Send 3D Models in Outlook

In the image below, the category Vintage Cartoon is selected and then I have selected one of the Vintage Cartoons. The activated check mark at the top right corner of the Cartoon displays the 3D Model that will be inserted in my Email Message. Once I have finished selecting the 3D Model or 3D Models, I just press the Insert button located at the bottom right corner of the Online 3D Models dialog box.

How To Send 3D Models in Outlook

Our 3D Model has been inserted in the body of our Email Message. Once the 3D Model is selected, the 3D Model tab activates, with all the commands available that we can use. In a previous post of mine I have described the commands available in the 3D Model tab. Post that someone can find at this link:

How To Send 3D Models in Outlook

Once we have finished composing, editing and formatting our Email Message, we just press the Send button and our Email Message has left for its recipients. In the image below, I have sent the Email Message to my own Inbox and we can see that our 3D Model is just an ordinary image. It is no longer a 3D Model, meaning no 3D Model tab to edit it or anything.

How To Send 3D Models in Outlook

Below you can check out the video describing How To Send 3D Models in an Email Message in Microsoft Outlook.

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